One Floor Up

Eighth Graders Transition to High School

Kyle Ralofsky

By Raechel Russo - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

Freshman Kyle Ralofsky is a studious individual who has made a successful transition from middle school to high school.

Thanks to his older brother senior Noah Ralofsky, Kyle had proper guidance and dedication in becoming successful. Noah said, “I knew Kyle would be successful from the beginning because he’s a very motivated kid.”

Not every student has an older sibling to help guide him or her through high school. Kyle, therefore, offers this advice to eighth graders. He said, “I would tell incoming freshmen to start ahead and stay ahead of assignments.” Kyle said that in the beginning of the school year there are so many papers for parents to sign along with homework, so it’s easy to fall behind.

Kyle handles time management well while being a student-athlete. English teacher Sue Dolan said, “Kyle is a deserving student who should be selected for One Floor Up."

As a student, Kyle’s favorite subject is band. “I like band because I get to take a break from taking notes and get to play my trombone.” In the future, Kyle said he wants to audition for Solo Ensemble.

As for core classes, however, Kyle said his favorite academic course is English because “I learn how to write about more than just sports.”

Along with being a dedicated student, Kyle is an athlete. Kyle was a member the soccer team, track team, and Ski Club. Kyle has had plenty of time to become a well rounded athlete. Kyle has been playing sports for eleven years, and he said his family owns a condo unit at Black Jack Ski Resort in Michigan giving him plenty of time to hit the slopes.

Kyle (left) often seeks advice from his big brother Noah.

Mary Husman

By Noah Ralofsky - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

Freshman Mary Husman exemplifies what it takes to make a successful transition into high school.

During her first year of high school, Mary Husman has been adapting to the changes and differences between high school and middle school very well. Husman is involved in the Rotary Club, Ski Club, and Sustainability Club. She has volunteered at this year’s Crop Walk, along with other service projects the Rotary Club has taken part in.

Along with participating in many activities, Husman is a multi-sport athlete. In the fall, Husman dominated the cross country course and helped lift her team to first place at the state championship race. During the winter, Husman also balls up on the basketball court as a starter on the junior varsity team and also makes appearances during the varsity games. As the snow melts and the ice thaws, Husman can be found either conditioning on the track or putting in work on the soccer pitch.

When Husman isn’t playing sports for Lourdes, she enjoys running and swimming in her free time. Husman never misses an opportunity to better herself by conditioning for cross country and track season. She especially likes to swim with her friends during the summer, whether it be at her friend Freshman Mackie Stelter’s lake house at Silver Lake, off an idling boat in the middle of Lake Butte de Morts, or just in a swimming pool.

Most people who meet Husman and her smiley personality may not know that she aspires to be a neonatal nurse. As Biology is her favorite school subject and Biology I is her favorite class she is taking this year, Husman is on the right track to achieving her goal of becoming a nurse to newborns.

Along with Biology I, Husman is also taking Spanish II her freshman year. Taking Spanish II freshman year is a demanding but rewarding experience. This class is on the accelerated Spanish route and could help her earn college credits while still in high school if she continues through her senior year.

There are many differences between high school and middle school, and Husman shares her thoughts on these differences. “The biggest difference between high school and middle school is the block scheduling, although I like the blocks better,” Husman said. She also said that she appreciates the extended time for class periods where there is more time to learn and stay on a subject. She said it is easier to finish labs in Biology.

While there are differences between middle and high school, Husman shared her favorite changes. Husman’s favorite part about high school so far is all the sports she is able to participate in. She said that she encourages all incoming freshmen to participate in at least one sport because she has had memorable and enjoyable experiences with the sports she plays.

Along with encouraging all incoming freshman to play a sport, she also stressed the need to study. At the beginning of her year, she did not take studying and her larger workload as seriously as she said she should have. When she realized she needed to step up her game, Husman studied harder and consequently developed new and beneficial study skills that continue to help her through her classes.

Mary Husman shooting a jumper in a varsity basketball game

Sam Pettibone

By James Gross - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

Freshman Sam Pettibone has made a successful transition to high school by moving one floor up from the middle school.

Pettibone said, “I had a pretty easy transition and adjusted to the new schedule pretty quickly. I also liked course selection because I was able to actually choose some of my classes.”

Pettibone just completed his first semester of classes which included Biology, Theology, World Cultures, band, and Computer Science. Pettibone said future freshman should have an open mind about new experiences like classes, sports, and joining other organizations and clubs.

Pettibone said his favorite class has not changed since middle school. “My favorite class was gym in middle school, and even though I haven’t had it yet, I am looking forward to gym class because my classmates have told me it is very fun,” he said.

Pettibone said his favorite eighth grade memory was going to Mount Olympus Water Park with his friends, and his favorite high school memory, so far, was homecoming and everything included with it.

Pettibone said he is looking forward to participating in the Yearbook Club, Ski Club, track, and baseball as a Knight. Pettibone said, “I think there are enough clubs and sports for students to choose.”

Pettibone not only enjoys the extracurriculars, but he also enjoys attending Lourdes in general.

“All of the teachers, staff, and friends make Lourdes great. I cannot pick a favorite teacher, so I choose them all because they are all so great,” Pettibone said.

According to Pettibone, the best part of high school is friends.

Sam Pettibone after a successful day as a freshman.

Molly Moore

By Noah Ralofsky - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

Freshman Molly Moore has made a successful transition into high school by participating in sports, clubs, and keeping up with her schoolwork.

Since beginning high school in the fall, Moore has assimilated into her new surroundings well. She participated in cross country this fall and was a key runner in the girl’s state champion meet where Lourdes won first place, and Moore placed third on the team. She is also a member of the girls varsity basketball team where she plays as a guard. This spring, she will be running track, mostly long distance races, and is hoping to make it to the state meet in the two mile race.

Moore said she participates in Ski Club, Rotary Club, and Chemistry Club. She also participates in the ASMA math competition that takes place every month.

This semester, Moore said she is taking English 9, Biology 9, Geometry, computer science, and band, with Geometry being her favorite class.

In her transition from middle to high school, Moore said that the biggest change is the workload. Her classes are more difficult compared to the classes she took in middle school. In addition, Moore said the amount of homework and the difficulty of the classes is another big change. Although her schooling is more difficult, Moore said she has learned how to study for her new classes.

During her freshman year, Moore’s main goal is to finish the school year with a 4.0 GPA and qualify for the state track meet.

While Moore is not studying or playing school sports, she enjoys snowboarding at Indianhead Mountain in Michigan and boating on the lake in the summer.

Moore on a family vacation "up north."

Chas Muhlbauer

By James Gross - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

Freshman Charles “Chas” Muhlbauer has made a successful transition to high school since moving one floor up from the middle school last year.

Muhlbauer said, “The transition from middle school has been pretty good, and I like the block scheduling better than middle school scheduling.” Muhlbauer also said he likes the course selection in high school. According to Muhlbauer, a helpful tip for incoming freshmen is to “study a lot.”

Muhlbauer said his favorite middle school memory was the eighth grade graduation, and his favorite memory for high school, so far, is watching the Lourdes football team with his friends.

Muhlbauer said his favorite things about high school are the friendly teachers and friends who he said helped with his transition. He also said, “I believe that Lourdes feels like a family and accepts everyone.”

Muhlbauer also said his interests in classes has changed from middle school to high school. He said in middle school his favorite class was math, but now in high school his favorite class is Biology with Mrs. O’Connor. Muhlbauer said that his favorite class changed because of the environment in each of the classes.

Muhlbauer said he is also enjoying getting involved in extracurricular activities. He said he is currently a member of Chem Cub and was on the soccer team. Muhlbauer said he plans on joining Ski Club in February.

Muhlbauer’s English teacher, Sue Dolan, said, “Chas participates well in class and has a great sense of humor. We’ve been acting out Romeo and Juliet, and Chas seems to like participating in that. He seems well liked and looks like he is enjoying high school.”

Mackie Stelter

By Noah Ralofsky - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

Freshman Mackie Stelter has made a smooth and successful transition from middle school to high school.

Some students consider the passage from middle school to high school a grueling and intimidating endeavor. This is not true for Mackie Stelter, however. Stelter said, in fact, that she has found the transition to be fairly simple.

Stelter is currently participating in cross country, Rotary Club, Adventure Club and Chemistry Club. Stelter said she plans on playing basketball in the winter and running track in the spring. This cross country season, Stelter placed 11th at Conference with her team placing first in the meet, as well as placing 12th at the Sectional meet and helping to bring her team to victory in that meet as well. The cross country team will be running next on November 2, 2019 in Wisconsin Rapids, competing for the State title!

Stelter said her favorite part of high school so far is having the freedom to take longer breaks in between classes. Her current classes include English 9, Geometry, Biology, Introduction to Computer Science and band. Out of these classes, Stelter said her favorite is English, because she likes to write and she finds that it comes easy to her. Next semester, Stelter said she will be taking Spanish 2, Theology 9, World Cultures, Freshman Physical Education and band.

Stelter said the biggest change from middle school to high school is the block scheduling along with adjusting to her new teachers and new classes.

“The most difficult part of high school is probably the amount of homework we get,” Stelter said. She also said the one thing she misses from middle school is having less homework.

When Stelter is not studying, she enjoys boating, wake surfing, hanging out with her friends, spending time outdoors, and playing sports like basketball and soccer.

“People might not know that I volunteer at the Oshkosh Humane Society because I love animals,” Stelter said. She also said she hopes to be a vet someday.