Mikesell's welcome baby Bernadette

By Annalise Schraa - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

Principal Dave Mikesell and religion teacher Abi Mikesell welcomed another member into their family. Baby Bernadette Mikesell was born on Jan. 9, 2020.

In October, the Mikesell’s announced to the Lourdes Academy family that their second child was on the way and held a gender reveal at the homecoming pep rally where the students and staff learned that the Mikesell’s would be having a baby girl.

Both Dave and Abi said they feel that the transition to life with two children has been wonderful and surprisingly easier than what they expected. Dave said that having more than one child in his family is a new experience as he was an only child. Abi said that it can be difficult to be attentive to everyone’s needs from day to day and, on days when their energy is drained, they have learned to show extra grace and compassion for each other.

Dave said that the biggest difference between parenting two children instead of one is learning how to focus and care of both children at the same time while also learning how to keep work at work and focus on his family at home. Abi said that the biggest difference of being a mother of two is that her time, energy, and attention go to two children instead of one. She said that making sure that she has quality time with her children hasn’t changed much, but it takes twice as long to do most things now. She said she has been focusing on appreciating the little “wins” during this time.

Abi said she finds it a “win” when she and Bernadette can hit reset after a frustrating and long night by dancing it out to Beyonce’s “Love on Top”. She also said it is a win when John watches endless episodes of Kiki and MiuMiu while Bernadette and she watch and talk about the show with him. “It has all been about those small moments when we are doing something together,” Abi said.

Dave said that he feels that the necessities and care of Bernadette are similar to when John was a baby. Abi said that she and Dave learned a lot with John as a newborn, so they have been able to make quicker and more certain decisions. She said that they encounter fewer questions and experience less stress and anxiousness this time around because things are more familiar.

Dave said that Bernadette’s two week early birth was unexpected, however, he said that he felt more physically ready for Bernadette’s birth than emotionally ready as he and Abi did a lot of prep the weekend before. Abi said that even though the birth was earlier than expected, she was not scared because she knew a bit of what to expect in the process.

Abi said that she was really ready for Bernadette to be born, but she was unprepared for how quickly the labor and delivery would go. “With John, I labored for about 27 hours before he was born. With Bernadette, it was a swift six hours from start to finish. I was also unprepared for a natural, unmedicated birth, yet the experience was truly powerful and amazing,” Abi said.

Dave said that his relationship with family and friends has surprisingly become stronger since Bernadette’s birth. He said that family visits more often and are always willing to help out. He said he has also stayed in contact with his friends and that they have been a huge help with giving him advice as most of them have children. Abi said that her relationship with her mom has also definitely grown. She said that her mom lives in Green Bay, so they have been able to spend a good deal of time together. Abi said she has learned a lot from her mother’s perspective and experiences. She said her conversations with her mother has given her a lot of reassurance and confidence over this past month.

Abi also said that her relationship with her sister, Ellen, has been important. Ellen has a son four months older than John and a daughter two months older than Bernadette. Abi said that they are going through very similar things as mothers and that it is nice to share and process their experiences and emotions together.

Dave said he expected John to be jealous, but John has been the sweetest and most caring big brother he could have asked for Bernadette to grow up with. Dave said John handled Bernadette’s birth the best, and that John always wants to hold Bernadette or play with her. Abi said that John is very loving and tender with his sister. She said that he loves giving her kisses and saying, “It’s ok baby girl, I’m here,” when she is crying. John amazes Abi and Dave constantly with all that he is learning, and they love how patient he has been while they figure out life with two children.

Dave said that he sees John and Bernadette play off each other emotionally, and that she has brought life and laughs to the family. Dave said he is looking forward to the five and six month stage because Bernadette’s personality will begin to show and also because dads can be more hands on with the child and help out more.

Abi said that she is also excited to see Bernadette’s personality start to come out. She said that she would not have been able to anticipate all that John is and enjoys and all the things that he brings to their lives. She said that she is really excited to see the person that Bernadette grows into. Abi said that she is looking forward to the future experiences of raising a son and a daughter.

Bernadette was born on Jan. 9, 2020

John enjoys his new role as Bernadette's big brother

Middle school students compete in Knights of Columbus free throw contest

By Raechel Russo - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

Lourdes Academy hosted the Knights of Columbus free throw contest for Lourdes middle school boys and girls, ages 9-14, on Jan. 20-22.

According to coordinator Mark Nielsen, the Knights of Columbus Council #614 sponsored the local free throw competition. There was no cost to participate and anyone in the age bracket could join.

The top two winners of each gender and age group advanced to the diocese’s competition which will be held in De Pere on Feb. 29. If a skilled student advances again, he or she will then compete in the state competition in March.

According to Nielsen, a participant wins the competition by making as many free throws as he or she can out of 15 attempts. The rules allow up to three warm up shot attempts before the actual competition starts. If a tie is accounted for, the finalists will compete for his or her spot on Feb. 22. Furthermore, it is also used as another day to participate if a contestant couldn’t compete on the designated day.

Seventh grade Lourdes contestant and contest winner for the 13 year old age group, Hailee Bauer had an impressive score of 14/15 free throws made. Bauer said, “I felt calm because it was just another free throw.” Bauer along with eight others will compete in the De Pere competition in February.

The other Lourdes girls advancing to the diocesan competition in De Pere are 10 year old Ellie Koch, 11 year old Kylie Rietz, 12 year old Delaney Ruedinger, and 13 year old Hailee Bauer. The boys advancing to De Pere are 10 year old Jackson Buttke, 11 year old Parker Slusarski, 12 year old Cameron Crandal, 13 year old Jackson Flowers, and 14 year old J.J. McKelleps.

All free throw contest participants received a certificate of participation, the winners receive blue-ribbon awards, and if a student places at the diocesen competition or the State competition, he or she will receive a medal.

Left to right. Jackson Flowers, J. J. McKelleps, Sarah Hafemeister, Hailee Bauer, and Delany Ruedinger.

Teacher Pet: Dexter

James Gross - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

Lourdes high school counselor, Carie Kollat, has a loving dog, Dexter, who has brought much happiness to her family.

Dexter has been a part of the Kollat family since Aug. 5, 2018. Since then, Kollat said Dexter has learned many tricks such as handshake, high paw, and both paws. His favorite toy is also the tennis ball, which Kollat says he plays with the most. Kollat said she found Dexter’s breeder online at Doodle Dog Hill in Franklin, WI.

“Dexter is a goldendoodle, who’s mother is a white goldendoodle and father is a mini poodle. We picked out Dexter online, and for an extra fee had him delivered at our doorstep, when he was seven weeks old.”

Kollat said that she and her family decided to get a dog after their last dog died. She said that her family went without a dog for a while and then realized they needed a dog in their family.

Kollat claims that she is Dexter’s favorite human because, “I drive him everywhere and take him to fun places like the dog park and doggie daycare. I also play with him a lot.” Kollat said that she loves Dexter because he is very outgoing and, “he’s very soft, cuddly, and warm.”

Kollat said that Dexter is a pretty well behaved dog, but he still needs to finish some manner classes. Kollat said she is looking forward to Dexter becoming a therapy dog after he completes the manner classes. She said she hopes Dexter will be able to help at Lourdes as a therapy dog for the students.

Dexter playing with his favorite toy.

Dexter is excited to become a therapy dog.