Linda Kaelin offers summer European trip

By Riley Studinski - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH WI German teacher Linda Kaelin is offering students and family members an exciting and education travel opportunity this summer to Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

Kaelin said the trip to Europe this coming summer will take place in late June and will last just under two weeks.

According to Kaelin, this will be her 17th time she has taken students to Europe for a summer trip. She said one of the reasons she takes students to Europe is to help them experience other languages first hand. Another reason Kaelin said she takes her students to Europe is to allow them to see something they'll probably never see again and to learn that there is more culture beyond Oshkosh and the U.S.A.

In addition, Kaelin hopes that her trips will help make her students want to travel more and to help her students see some of the differences between Europe and Wisconsin.

Kaelin stated that only four students are going on the trip this summer along with herself and a few adults.

Kaelin said she is looking forward to seeing Germany again as well as seeing her students having a good time and knowing that they spent their money well.

Although Kaelin said she normally takes her students to Germany on her Europe trips, she has taken her students to the United Kingdom (Wales, Scotland, and Great Britain) and Ireland twice before.

Birds of prey fly into Lourdes

By Maria Foss - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - On Dec. 18, birds of prey from a local animal hospital were brought to Lourdes to enhance the curriculum for all middle school students and for the high school biology students.

The students gathered in the AV room for the presentation and were able to touch certain structures like talons and feathers. They had a chance see live birds of prey such as owls and hawks and even heard the call of one of the birds.

“Aves Wildlife Alliance told the students about their recuperation hospital and how the birds are helped there,” high school science teacher Carrie O’Connor said.

Middle school science teacher Marci Escamilla planned the day and said she hoped that the students could learn from a hands-on experience and discover more about birds in an interactive and fun way.

According to O’Connor, the day was beneficial to students. “The students got to see the birds, what their talons are like, how sharp their beaks are, and some of the injuries that the birds have such as missing eyes,” O’Connor said.

“One of the birds was nesting on the UWO campus when it got injured. The bird flew over a highway and was hit by a car,” freshman Clare Foss said. “It was cool to see how they [Aves Wildlife Alliance] were able to help the birds recover from their injuries at the hospital,” Foss said.

Become a PAL Today!

By James Gross - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - The PALS organization is a great way for parents to support Lourdes and to become involved in student events.

The Parent Association for Lourdes Academy Students, or PALS, is run by language arts teacher and Lourdes parent Mary Ann Saiyed and other middle school parents. The parents involved in PALS host special events for the students and teachers throughout the year.

The middle school parents in PALS host the middle school dances including the winter dance and the Halloween dance. In addition, PALS members help chaperone middle school field trips, provide teachers with meals on parent teacher conference nights and on other special occasions.

The PALS parents also work at different middle school events including scooter hockey and other system-wide events throughout the school year.

Joining PALS gives middle school parents an opportunity to become involved with the school and offers them a way to support students in a Catholic environment.

To learn more about upcoming PALS events, please see the weekly parent emails that are sent out each Thursday. If you wish to become involved with PALS, please contact Mary Ann Saiyed at msaiyed@lourdes.today.

Lourdes students to serve as illustrators

By Riley Studinski - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - James “Jimbo” Williamson has started writing a book about experiences he has learned on his mission trips and has asked Lourdes students to help create pictures for his book.

Lourdes associate principal Andrew Hicks is the link between Jimbo and the students. Hicks said that he has been taking high school students on missions trips to Kentucky through an organization called the Christian Appalachian Project( CAP). According to Hicks, he met Jimbo on one of those retreats a few years back.

Hicks said he started talking to Jimbo and became fascinated with Jimbo’s journeys. Hicks said he encouraged Jimbo to write a book about his missions and that he could help Jimbo get his book published. In addition, Hicks said he could help Jimbo with the art for the book by having Lourdes students create the illustrations for him.

The pairing will benefit both Jimbo and the Lourdes students. Jimbo will receive illustrations for his book, and the students will get to hear some of Jimbo’s stories about the Holy Spirit. Hicks hopes that the students will be inspired by Jimbo’s stories and will get to experience the Holy Spirit in a fun way through art.

Hicks said that Jimbo’s narrative isn’t structured like a “normal book.” His book is filled with “little tid-bits of things” that Jimbo has learned over the years about God and the Holy Spirit, Hicks said.