One Floor Up

One Floor Up: Adrianna Geddes

By Charleigh Reinardy - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Freshman Adrianna Geddes has made a successful transition from middle school to high school this 2018-2019 school year.

Geddes has been attending Lourdes Academy for three years now after enrolling in the system in seventh grade. Interestingly, Geddes is the only one among her four siblings (Donovan, Chloe, Quinnlynn, and Molly) to be attending Lourdes.

At Lourdes, Geddes enjoys the small class sizes and the ability to get to know everyone well. Geddes said she enjoyed Mrs. Carter’s business classes and said that Mrs. Sorenson’s band classes provide lots of fun each day. In middle school, Geddes said she enjoyed Ms. Boyce’s religion classes because during class, the students were able to have meaningful conversations, and Boyce always knew how to make class a fun place.

Geddes said she has been able to be involved with many sports since attending Lourdes. In the fall, Geddes played on the volleyball team and joined the basketball team in the winter. Geddes is currently enjoying continuing her long softball career with the Lady Knights. Along with playing softball since she was in kindergarden, Geddes also plays on a travel league team outside of school, and shared that softball is her favorite sport. Geddes said she has made some of her favorite freshman year memories playing softball this year. Geddes said that she is looking forward to bettering herself in her favorite sport.

Along with the many sports Geddes has played this year, she said she has found time to also participate in both Chemistry Club and Yearbook.

Geddes said she has found role models in upperclassman that she has had the chance to play sports with, especially on her softball team.

Geddes expressed to future freshman the importance of not over-stressing and worrying about getting a bad grade on an assignment or two.

Michael LaMore

By Charleigh Reinardy - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Freshman Michael LaMore kicked off his freshman year by getting involved and serving as a role model.

LaMore has a younger sibling that is in eighth grade at Lourdes. LaMore shared that he enjoys having his brother Garrett at Lourdes.

“I like having him here because I can be a role model for him at school and at home,” LaMore said. “We can share the experience of high school together.”

This current school year is LaMore’s tenth year in the Lourdes system. LaMore shared that he loves the small class sizes and that he has the opportunity to receive lots of one on one time with his teachers.

“My favorite (middle school) teacher was Mrs. Q.L.” Lamore said. “She was really fun and knew how to keep us interested in language arts.”

LaMore has kept busy inside and outside of Lourdes by participating in multiple activities. LaMore has played football for the past five years, has run track and field for the past three years, has played rugby for an Oshkosh high school team for two years, and has played on the co-op North/West hockey team for seven years.

“My favorite high school memory so far has probably been winning the conference championship with my football team,” LaMore shared. “I am looking forward to the rest of the years I have in sports and making more memories with more friends.”

LaMore shared that he was surprised at how helpful the upperclassmen have been to the freshman, and he has words of advice for his younger classmates.

“Don’t be afraid to talk to the upperclassmen, and always give everything 110%.”

LaMore was excited to discuss his upperclassman role model senior Carter Wesenberg. “Carter is my role model because no matter what, he will always help us no matter if it’s in the weight room, on the field, or in the halls.” LaMore said. “He has always been nice to the freshman and makes sure we are included in everything. That’s how I want to treat freshman as a senior because I know how it feels.”

Madison Peerenboom

By James Gross - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Freshman Madison Peerenboom has made a smooth transition from middle school to high school with the help of her teachers.

Peerenboom has been a student at Lourdes through both elementary and middle school. According to Peerenboom, in middle school, her favorite class was science with Mrs. Kropuenske. As she transitioned to high school, Peerenboom said her favorite class became Biology with Mrs. O’Connor.

Peerenbooms’ favorite memory of eighth grade was the graduation that celebrated three years of hard work. Peerenbooms’ advice for future freshman is, “Don't overthink it; your eighth grade teachers have prepared you well for high school. Also, be open to trying new and different things.”

Peerenboom said her favorite freshman memory, so far, was getting the opportunity to play competitive sports with her friends. Peerenboom said she has been involved in volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. She is also involved in Chem Club, yearbook, and student council.

According to Peerenboom, she feels that Lourdes has a very family friendly atmosphere because of the smaller class sizes and because everyone is familiar with each other. “I believe that there is a mutual respect between everyone which allows us to work well together,” Peerenboom said. Peerenboom stated that her favorite part of high school is having the freedom to choose her courses and take part in different clubs and activities with her friends. “I believe the course selection offers opportunities for challenging curriculum that will prepare students well for college.”

Gavin Stelter

By Noah Ralofsky - Knight Writers

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Freshman Gavin Stelter has made a smooth transition from eighth grade to high school by becoming involved and by studying hard.

Stelter chose to continue attending Lourdes Academy for high school because of the Catholic-based atmosphere. He said he sees a difference in the students and staff by their attitudes and care they show to those around them.

Along with balancing all of his school work, Stelter learns time management by participating in basketball, baseball, Chemistry Club, and Tomorrow’s Leaders. He enjoys baseball the most because he says that “it’s a great way to meet new people with a common interest, and I enjoy playing it.”

Stelter said that the biggest difference between middle school and high school is block scheduling where the classes in high school are twice as long as the classes in middle school. Although it’s a change, Stelter said he likes the new schedule. His favorite part of high school, though, is the freedoms that he did not have in the middle school including the use of phones for educational purposes and Knight Time which offers a longer break during the day.

During middle school, Stelter said his favorite teacher was math teacher Melissa Schade because he enjoyed her classes.

Although high school is new and exciting, Stelter reminisced of the time his sixth-grade class took a field trip to Chicago. It is his favorite memory because he and his class were able to explore the science museum and go shopping at Water Tower Place.

Stelter is looking forward to taking new and exciting classes this year such as Spanish and Geometry. His advice to all incoming freshman, including his eighth-grade sister Mackie, is “Study hard and get your work done on time.”

One Floor Up: Nick Parkin

By Charleigh Reinardy - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Freshman Nick Parkin has made a strong transition from homeschooling to the private school halls of Lourdes Academy.

Parkin was home schooled up until his freshman year when he decided to begin school at Lourdes. Parkin said he has enjoyed being a part of the freshman class and making new friends through sports.

Parkin joined the football team in the fall along with the wrestling team this winter. Parkin said he hopes to also join the track team in the spring. Parkin shared that the Lourdes wrestling team has been his favorite part of high school so far because of how small the team is.

Parkin said he enjoys Mr. Heiser’s math classes, especially his teaching style and dry humor.

Perhaps one of the reasons Parkin has enjoyed Lourdes so far is because he said he has five other siblings and was ready to branch out. Parkin said he enjoys the fact that there is more social interaction at Lourdes with other students.

Marshall Cook

By Charleigh Reinardy - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Freshman Marshall Cook takes on his freshman school year with a smooth transition from eighth grade year.

Cook said he has attended Lourdes since he was in 4k and has five younger siblings who all follow in his footsteps by attending Lourdes.

Cook shared that Lourdes has many advantages; each student has the opportunity to create a personal relationship with his or her teachers and to create close relationships with other classmates.

Cook said he enjoys the fact that he can practice his faith within his school and expressed that it is a special privilege students have by attending Lourdes.

Cook said that beginning in the fall, he joined the football team and has loved his experience so far.

“It’s really nice to be on the football team because everyone is like brothers; everyone helps each other, and the seniors help the freshmen.”

Along with joining the football team, Cook said he will be playing on the hockey team this coming winter and on the baseball team in the spring. Cook has also participated in Recycle Club and Student Council as president of the freshman class.

In reflecting on his time in middle school, Cook said he always enjoyed Mr. O.’s social studies and science classes. He also said that he now enjoys all of his high school classes and the fact that there is more freedom.

Cook clearly has made a successful transition because of his positive attitude. “Work your hardest the first couple weeks of school; those will be the hardest until you get the hang of it. Once you get used to it, it will get easier,” he said.

Camille Clark

By Charleigh Reinardy - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Freshman Camille Clark has made a successful transition from middle school to high school by being positive and branching out to try new things.

Clark transferred to Lourdes Middle School for her eighth grade year for better academics she said. Clark shared that she enjoys the smaller class sizes here at Lourdes because she can receive more individual help. Clark’s favorite class is band, and Clark said she loves percussion and being able to play different instruments over playing just one. She said she also loves marching with the snare drum line.

Clark said she loves being in classes with upperclassmen because it gives her the chance to make new friends with the upperclassmen who she said are helpful.

As a freshman, Clark has participated in Chem Club, Yearbook, and Tomorrow’s Leaders and is just about to start her basketball season. Clark said she also hopes to participate in softball and track in the spring.

Outside of school, Clark has been dancing for ten years. Clark is a part of eight different dances at Richard's School of the Dance in Oshkosh this year where she will be dancing pre-point, jazz, hip-hop, tap, ballet, lyrical, Irish, and kick line.

“I dance because it makes me happy. People have their things that calm them, and dance is it for me. I really enjoy being able to express myself through dance. I don't really like talking because I get shy, so instead I get to express myself through movement.”

Clark shared her advice for current eighth graders who may be nervous for their freshman year.

“Always study and get your homework done on time. Let loose and have fun! Lots of freshman are scared and intimidated to come up (stairs), but you don’t have to be. There’s nothing to be intimidated about,” Clark said.

On a personal note, Clark said, “I’m looking forward to branching out as a more confident individual because I’m a little shy.”

One Floor Up: Erin Frank

By Charleigh Reinardy - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Freshman Erin Frank has made a successful transition from middle school to high school by getting involved early and by studying hard.

Erin Frank has watched her older brother Michael Frank go through Lourdes and graduate with the class of 2018. Erin currently shares the halls with her middle sibling, sophomore Will Frank and is discovering where she belongs in the Lourdes community.

Erin shared that she enjoys having her older brother, Will, in high school with her. “It’s kinda cool because he tells me about upcoming tests or finals, and it helps me prepare for my tests.”

Erin has already started getting involved by starting her year off playing on the volleyball team. Frank shared that she has played for three to four years and has always enjoyed the workouts and the sport.

While transitioning into the Christmas season, Erin auditioned and participated in the Lourdes Madrigals program where she was able to “sing to her heart’s content, day in and day out.”

Erin shared that Madrigals has been one of her favorite activities she has participated in so far during her freshman year. “I got to be around my friends and do things that I like,” Frank said. “I like to sing, and that’s what I got to do in Madrigals.”

Erin has also participated in Chemistry Club and has traveled with the club on water testing activities which she said was a cool experience.

Erin said she hopes to participate in the musical program in her upcoming years of high school and to continue to sing for the Lourdes Madrigals because she said she believes both will be fun experiences.

Erin shared her advice for future freshmen nervous about their transitions to the high school. “Study a lot, don’t be nervous for tests, and try to get through them!” she said.