Spring fever: who is more excited for summer?

Riley Studinski - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI Spring is in the air, and summer is near. Lourdes’ students and staff members are both excited for summer break, but who is more excited?

It is already May, and everyone is excited that the school year is winding down. Sports are underway and nearly done. The countdown until the end of the year is under 20 days. Yes, spring fever has officially arrived at Lourdes Academy.

Teachers and students at Lourdes are both very excited for the arrival of summer vacation, but who is more excited?

High School English teacher Jennifer Pollack says that she is excited for summer because she will have more time to read and is looking forward to the arrival of warm weather. Even though she loves her job, Pollack said she is looking forward to not having to work. Pollack stated that she thinks teachers are more excited for summer than students because they work hard all year and are looking forward to a break from spending countless amounts of time on the weekends and after school grading papers and preparing for classes.

Eighth grader Chloe Studinski said she is looking forward to summer so she can do what she wants, when she wants. Studinski also said she is looking forward to ending middle school and starting high school next fall. Studinski said she believes students are more excited for summer than teachers because teachers enjoy teaching but most students don’t normally enjoy going to school every day.

High school English teacher Sue Dolan said she is looking forward to summer because of her big trip to Colorado. She stated she is looking forward to seeing her brother and her nephews.

Sophomore Logan Wolff said he is looking forward to the arrival of summer so he can relax and spend more time with friends.

Senior Jacob Diker admitted that he believes teachers are more excited for summer than students. Diker said seniors know that they will soon be done with high school and on to another chapter of their lives, so they want to cherish their time with their friends at school. Personally, Diker said he is looking forward to summer so he can unwind and settle down before college.

High school social studies teacher Cathi Probst says she is looking forward to summer so she can travel, work in her garden, spend more time with family, and prepare awesome lessons for next year.

Senior Ellie Mackenzie says he is looking forward to summer so she can spend time with friends before they all go off to college.

After looking at the facts, it was surprising to see that teachers are more excited for summer than the students.

May crowning

Celebrating two women important to Lourdes

By James Gross - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH WI - On May 6, the LA family celebrated May crowning with a special remembrance in honor of Charlene Dishaw, a beloved high school theology teacher who passed away this year.

Band teacher Michelle Sorenson, who helped plan the ceremony said, “May is the month of Mary, and it’s a time, especially in our church services that we celebrate and honor her sacrifices and her gifts to us. Having a May crowning ceremony where we show special attention to her is particularly important for our building namesake ‘Our Lady of Lourdes.’” Sorenson also stated that blue is the color associated with Mary, and students and staff were encouraged to wear blue in honor of her. According to Sue Dolan, high school English teacher, the best part of May Crowning for her was everyone coming together to honor Mary. Sorenson said that she thinks the Lourdes community did a beautiful job focusing on Mary.

A special part of the May Crowning ceremony was dedicated to honoring another important lady at Lourdes: theology teacher Charlene Dishaw who passed away unexpectedly this year. Sorenson, who memorialized Dishaw in a tribute during the ceremony, said the May Crowning was the perfect time to remember Mrs. Dishaw because of “Charlene’s love of May Crowning and for her love of sharing what Mary did for the world,” Sorenson said.

Sorenson went on to say that Dishaw was loved by many people, and we honored her at the May Crowning which was one of her favorite services at Lourdes. She always led the singing and litanies at the services, and she filled our hearts with happiness when she sang. She will be cherished forever at Lourdes in all the students and especially at May Crowning.

“Mrs. Dishaw loved teaching students about Mary, her sacrifice, the power of Mary as a woman, and what that means to the Catholic Church,” Sorenson said.

Sixth graders trek to the Chicago Field Museum

By Noah Ralofsky - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Sixth graders traveled to the Chicago Field Museum on April 12 to learn about our Earth’s history.

At the museum, the students and chaperones were able to visit many different displays which included a mummy exhibit, an extensive collection of prehistoric fossils and bones, Egyptian and Chinese treasures, massive gems, and an exhibit on how early man lived. The most extensive display was Sue, the best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex in the world.,.

Social studies teacher Marci Escamilla was one of the chaperones who attended the trip went to the She said that the purpose of the museum trip is for the students to explore ancient cultures and science.

“My favorite part of the trip was getting to know my students better,” Escamilla said. She believes the students enjoyed the ancient Chinese treasure or gem exhibit the most.

Sixth grade religion and math teacher Anne Coleman also attended the trip as a chaperone. She said her favorite part of the museum was the mummy exhibit. “I also enjoyed the opportunity the students got to go to Chicago, seeing parts of the city, and learning about all of the exhibits.”

Sixth grader Truman Mall said his favorite exhibit was Sue, the T-Rex. Fellow sixth grade classmates Ethan Budde and Taylin Mecklenburg agreed with Mall that the T-Rex display was the most interesting.

The most interesting fact Mall learned from the trip was that giant lily pads are the largest marine plant. Budde’s most interesting fact learned was that there are six species of animals currently becoming extinct today, while Mecklenburg said one fact she learned was that ancient Egyptian babies were smaller in size than modern day babies.

Sixth grader Anthony Behnke said his favorite exhibit was the fossils, and he learned about all of the different types of prehistoric bones and fossils discovered thus far. Sixth grader Grace Meyers’ favorite part of the trip was when the students were able to look through a room with photographs from all different time periods, and she said she found it interesting how mummies were wrapped.

Sixth graders Claire Kollat and Jimena Thoma’s favorite exhibit was the mummy exhibit, and Kollat said she learned about the Field Museum’s extensive collection of rocks and large gems. Thoma found it interesting how the ancient Egyptians extracted the brains of their dead with hooks through the deceased’s nose!

Clearly, our sixth graders learned a lot from this historical field trip!